25. The Sex Talk

Sex seems to be THE taboo topic of taboo topics. Complicated, challenging and ever central to human psychology, "sex" as a topic has so many different implications for parents. From coming to terms with your own sex education and experience, to teaching your own kids (in a more effective way?), to even managing sex in your married life with kids - sex is central to parents... whether we talk about it publicly or not.

Why is sex so taboo? What kind of influence does it have on our lives & perspectives? What kind of historical environmental influences have made it this way? What does all this mean to our kids and rising generations as they start approaching the world? What about sex bots? The deep questions abound.

Throughout this podcast, we'll cover a serious gamut of different aspects of sex and how it impacts our daily lives as parents. From exploring our own sex talks (and their effectiveness), "free-will" as pertains to sexual desire, sex-bots, advertising and sexual desire and even masturbation.

Ultimately, our goal with this is to start un-earthing some of the bigger parenting topics that influence not only our parenting psychology, but our own daily lives and relationships. With sexual desire being one of the strongest influences on monogamous relationships we think coming to terms with some of these influences and scenarios can help us better understand the challenges and opportunities for engagement in our role as parents.

This podcast is a doozie. Who knows what kinds of future topics spawn from these discussions, but we hope this is helpful. As always, we appreciate your support and feedback and welcome comments/questions/concerns/future topic requests or ideas at jenny@save-the-parents.org. Thank you all for listening!

PS. In this podcast, unfortunately, there is a 10 minute gap at about 20 minutes in where we had to cut my microphone's audio because of recording atrocities. Super bummer, but hopefully we'll have this fixed before we record again. Yay learning the hard way... but thanks for your understanding nonetheless.