23. Should we HATE hate?

Election season has ads, fliers, volunteers, teams, friends, spouses, polling stations and propaganda (of whatever flavor you choose) spun up to the max. Yet much of this messaging is coming to us in a way of HATE - discounting competing candidates and voter shaming. With sides throwing punches left and right, pipe bombs, shootings, social media hate speech, and vocal polarization there's a large group of us left in the middle asking "what the fuck is going on".

For many of us as parents, we engage our kids to help them better cope with emotions. Do you really HATE your sister, or do you just Dislike her right now? Do you really HATE the Cowboys football team, or are you just upset that your team lost? Helping kids wrap themselves around their emotions requires perspective... but frequently perspective is reinforced by negative consequences.

And that's the tricky part. It's easy to say that you hate all the hate. Afterall, few people really LIKE it, so it's an easy conversation builder. But you need to Hate to appreciate Love. You need to know the bad before you appreciate the good. It sucks that you can't have(and appreciate) all Love, but the two seem to go hand-in-hand.

Politics is a mess, but your family life doesn't need to be so. Better understanding what hate is, what role it plays in emotions and development, and how best to channel it out in helpful and constructive ways will set you eons past the hate-fest of US midterm elections. And... if you can help identify hate within yourself, set better outlets for your kids and better utilize outlets for yourself... who else could you influence?